Industrial Web Based ERP Software

• Purchase orders and suppliers can be generated and sent.
• Supplier item descriptions and pricing (in the currency of the supplier) for purchased items can be maintained. Purchase orders automatically use these prices. The same item can be purchased from many different suppliers.
• Quantities on order show on inventory status inquiries by inventory location to receive into. Quantities on order also show on planning reports.
• Goods received can be entered up to the purchase order quantity plus a user definable percentage allowance for over delivery.
• Goods received are sequenced as a GRN and a record is retained for every stock movement referenced to the GRN.
• Purchase orders record the quantity received and the quantity invoiced as well as the original quantity ordered.
• Purchase orders can be emailed to one of the defined supplier contacts email addresses.
• Inventory planning report can be produced based on a 3 or 4 month lead time showing suggested quantities to purchase based on the maximum of the prior 5 months usage.
• Purchase orders can be entered for nominal items i.e. non-stock items with a general ledger code to be entered to specify how the general ledger integration postings should be made.
• Purchase order approval levels and authorities can be defined. With all approvals required by an authorizer easily accessible for authorization
• Shipment costing can be set up across several purchase orders from the same supplier choosing only those lines that have been dispatched together. Costs entered against these lines and against the shipment (from AP) are apportioned across all lines. Shipment costing allows for automatic updating of standard or weighted average costs on closing shipments.
• Supplier units and purchasing prices can be maintained with a preferred supplier for each item. Orders can be entered referring to the supplier's item code and description and in the suppliers unit, converting to the business units for all internal purposes.